The impact on efficiency and effectiveness was immediate. Our pool of applications tripled within the first few months of implementation.

Chris Mueller Human Resourcess

AppliTrack Recruiting

  • Overview
  • AppliTrack Recruiting is the most popular applicant tracking and recruiting system in the United States for public, private, and charter school districts. As of 2012, over 5.6 millions employment applications have been managed by US schools through AppliTrack.

    AppliTrack Recruiting allows organizations to automatically progress applicants through the entire hiring process: recruiting, applicant tracking, assessment and evaluation, interview management, and onboarding.

    Featuring weekly updates and enhancements released by Aspex Solutions, AppliTrack also offers clients the ability to customize 100% of their system themselves. Each update released by Aspex Solutions is designed to work perfectly with the client designed customizations.

    AppliTrack Recruiting, in a period of massive budget cuts to the education industry, has made explosive growth and averages a new client every day of the year. With an annual renewal rate of 99.99% over the past 14 years, AppliTrack Recruiting is doing something very right.

    Key Features

    • Allows unlimited customized pages for unlimited, & different, applicant groups

    • Use the Interview Manager function to set up your time slots so selected applicants can self- schedule for interviews, and provides a bank of 1,500+ questions for administrators to design custom interview guides

    • Use advanced, time-saving search folder capabilities to constantly screen in (or out) the lists of those meeting specific criteria you choose

    • Applicants from any of our OVER 1,950 clients nationally can import their basic data pages with a single click (contact info, references, education, work history, etc.) into the AppliTrack app

    • Provides custom screen views for visually comparing applicant data, & simple point-click filtering

    • Lets you choose & create your own paperless e-forms, such as for evaluation documents, interview ratings or new-hire onboarding packets

  • Tracking
    • Reduce typing time & errors with clickable auto-filters for quick screening

    • Review the entire applicant's file (including uploaded resumes, references, transcripts, interview results, etc.) in one window

    • Generate powerful reports in seconds from always real-time data

    • Automate the job requisition process for describing hiring administrator needs & preferences

    • Distribute electronic reference surveys

    • Access audit trails to track who views applicants, or compare screen-captured views each time an applicant updates

    • Create custom Internal Applications for transfer requests, or use our simple one-page eForm provided

  • Assessment
    • Design custom screening questionnaires & interview rating eForms, using our included question bank, or your own tool content

    • Integrate AppliTrack Selection tools or scores from other 3rd party assessment instruments you currently employ

    • Ask vacancy specific questions

    • Sort and rank applicant lists by rating scores high-low, or reverse, with point-&-click ease

    • Create ad hoc score reports

    • Build custom pages with required responses or exercises for only specific position applicants to complete

  • Recruiting
    • Activate our Job Fair Quick Form to capture applicant interest at your display & personalize an immediate application welcome

    • Advertise FREE without duplicating data entry on,, and more

    • Expand your recruiting presence with our quick links to export your vacancies to Facebook, Twitter, & more

    • Email new postings to anyone

    • Selectively notify current applicants of new vacancies, either the entire pool or only those whom you select

    • Track applicant interest in your jobs, applicants by recruitment event, referral sources, and more

  • Onboarding
    • Export new hire personal data from AppliTrack into multiple popular HRIS/Payroll & substitute partner systems, & data formats

    • Send hire recommendations through a chain of approvers, and notifications concurrently to multiple organization office contacts

    • Send and review eForms electronically including Job Offer Letters, District Policy Sign-Offs, Emergency Contact, and the ability to design your own

    • Create custom welcoming message templates for various new employee groups, with relevant pre-boarding information

  • Interview Management
    • Email interview invites directly thru AppliTrack to candidates, as well as to any employer representatives

    • Integrate interview scheduling with Outlook®

    • Maintain compliance with record retention acts & equitable screening practices by storing interview responses online

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