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"Sounds like" Name Searches, My Preferences, and more!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AppliTrack has been updated with the following new features:

  • "Sounds-like" Name Searches:  Now, when you type a name into the search bar, AppliTrack will suggest not only names that contain the letters that you are typing, as you type them, but it will suggest applicants, employes, and users in your system whose name sounds similar to what you are typing.  (i.e. Typing Julie will show Judy, June, and Jody after all of the Julie's are shown!)
  • My Preferences:  Click on the My Preferences tab to choose between the "Classic" or "Modern" look and feel of the AppliTrack system.  Also, choose to make your system your favorite color.  And, don't worry, your preferences will NOT change the look and feel of anyone else within your organization...they are just for you.
  • Transcript Management:  Applicants have always been able to upload transcripts.  Now, applicants will be able to associate each transcript with a specific college or university so that, from your perspective, you can see the college/university associated with the transcript without having to open it.
  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The AppliTrack Main Menu Takes Center Stage!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When you log in to your AppliTrack system on Thursday, February 20th, the Home Tab will no longer be the first thing you see. Rather, you?ll be directed first to the updated Main Menu. Upon each log in, you will also be given the chance to "Turn Off the Tabs" to enable the all-new, side-by-side-comparison, applicant and employee tabs.

Watch this 3-minute video to see if you choose to "Turn Off the Tabs".

We hope you'll join the thousands of other AppliTrack users who have already "Turned off the Tabs". But, of course, if you wish to continue using AppliTrack with the same old look and feel you?ve come to know, you may continue to do so. Find Applications and the other tabs-at-the-top will be supported for many months to come.

New Main Menu, Security Enhancements, and more!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Try the Main Menu!
One of the most obvious updates to your AppliTrack system is the Main Menu.  In short, the tabs that are currently located at the top of your screen, in the Main Menu, are located on the left hand side. Benefits include:

  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Access to four dashboards:  My Dashboard, Applicant, Job Postings, and Employees
  • Many dynamic and interactive reports
  • Enhanced Quick Searches
  • Recent activity report
  • Ability to install add-ons immediately through AppliTrack Store
  • Much more!

Security Enhancements:
All sorts of enhanced security options are now available to make it possible to:

  • Require users to enter username and password every login
  • Allow users to save their username and only require their password
  • Allow users to keep users always logged in (helpful for pinning AppliTrack to task bar)
  • Require users to authorize their computer before they login
  • Restrict users to a specific IP range when logging into AppliTrack

Standard User Creation:  
You may now identify a default User Group that new standard users will be added to once that new user has been created.

Routing E-mails:  
Customize the e-mail that is sent when applicants are automatically routed to a specific user

New eForms have been added to Public Library (install them for free!):


  • Requirements of the Affordable Care Act

Maryland Forms

  • State Retirement Application for Membership
  • MW507
  • State Retirement Designation of Beneficiary
  • New Hire Registry Reporting Form

Group eForms and Reporting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Your AppliTrack system has been updated with some neat new features.

Group eForms:  HR Files users can now send a single eForm to multiple people on an ad-hoc basis.  These individuals can work on the form, online, together.  To see a video of this new feature in action, click here

eForm Reporting:  Recruiting and HR Files users can use the "New" tab, to quickly search data from any completed eForm.  Head over to the "New" tab, click "Forms" and play around!

Public eForms and more!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A variety of neat new features have been added to your AppliTrack system:

Public eForms
Do you have forms that need to originate from a person, or group of people, who do not either work for you or are not job seekers?  If you do, you may now create eForms in AppliTrack that can be linked from your website for anyone to complete online.  Like all of our eForms, Public eForms can be routed through whatever workflow or approval process you need.  To learn more about creating eForms in AppliTrack, click here.

Dashboard Enhancements
Using the "New" tab to access the AppliTrack HR Dashboard, you will now see all closed job vacancies listed in red.  Also, you now have the ability to customize how you want your folders and job vacancies organized in your Dashboard.

Hide Titles on Print Outs
If you would like to hide an applicant's title (i.e. Ms. or Mrs.) you may now do so anytime you choose to print out an application file.

Location Updates for Job Postings

Monday, March 25, 2013

Location and Job Postings

You may now restrict applicants from apply to specific locations if that applicant does not live within a certain radius of a specific location.  For example, you may say, "only bus driver applicants who live within 5 miles of our transportation center may apply for jobs at this location".  For larger or rural organizations, this feature may be very helpful.  To establish a location restriction, simply click on the Setup Tabs and Edit Location.


New eForm Workflows Released!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

We are celebrating the newest feature to be released into your AppliTrack Recruiting and HR Files systems, AppliTrack Workflows, with a series of training webinars (each session will contain the exact same information).

With this feature, you can easily automate the distribution, routing, and collection of any type of form that exists in your organization. This 40-minute session will provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating electronic forms and designing the workflows you need to make sure that the forms are routed to the right person/department at the right time.

To register for a session, click here.

If you think you're ready to start playing around, click on your Setup Tab and Edit a form!

New Reporting Tools Added

Friday, January 25, 2013


Your AppliTrack system has been updated with new reporting tools which will offer you the ability to print standard and ad hoc reports in a simpler manner.

Literally all of the information from applicants captured during your online application process can be reported upon.  Reports can be run, or they can be dynamically created, ad hoc, so that you have the information you need always at your fingertips. Additionally, all of the data stored within AppliTrack can be extracted from the system into your own reporting engine through an ODBC connection.

To learn about reporting within the AppliTrack system, click here:

Standard (Out-of-the-box) Reporting

Ad Hoc Interactive Reporting

EEOC Reporting

Do you use Crystal Reports?  Request ODBC Connectivity!  E-mail support for instructions.


2013 I9, iPad usability, and more updates!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Your AppliTrack Recruiting system has been updated with many new features and enhancements, including:

  • 2013 I9 Form:  to learn how to send the new I9 (and many more onboarding forms), click here
  • iPad/Mobile Devices:  enjoy using AppliTrack Recruiting with your iPad or other mobile device even more!
  • Featured Jobs:  now, you can change the way jobs are displayed on your website.  Click here to see how.
  • Public Forms Libary:  many new forms (evaluation/observation, onboarding, employee) have been added to the public forms library.  To learn how to download them into your system, click here.
To see a list of other updates that occur each week, visit

Add Documents to Application and more!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Your AppliTrack Recruiting system has been updated with three helpful new features:

Add a Document or an Image to your Application
Now, you can easily upload a document or image that you would like applicants to view, download, and/or print right from your application (i.e. Health Physical Form, Handbook, Salary Schedule, etc.)  See how this works by clicking here.

Upload Multiple Documents at Once to an Applicant's File
When you choose to upload a document to an applicant's file, you can select multiple files that will all be uploaded simultaneously.

Manage Applicant Uploads from Materials on File Screen
As you hover over a document that an applicant has uploaded, authorized users may now edit or delete the file directly from the Materials on File screen.