What It Means to Work Here

We're a close-knit group of friendly and talented designers, developers, and business people. Being great at what you do doesn't cut it for us. We're looking for cultured, intelligent, and motivated people that we'd want to spend time with outside of work.

We won't ever ask you to sleep under your desk or work 14 hour days. We love what we do, but we believe in sane work hours, autonomy, value, sleep, and happiness above all else. The way we see it, if you're really great, we want you to work with us.

Sane Work Hours
We have a very flexible schedule. As long as you get what you need to done and check in with us, we're all good. We truly do leave you to your work.

We'll treat you like an adult. We'll provide you with great work, and give you the resources you need to get it done.

Benefit Plan
We offer a competitive and comprehensive extended medical and dental plan to keep our employees from developing scurvy or crippling boneitis.


Come Work for Us

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